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Terminus took place August 7-11, 2008. If you missed Terminus, please visit the Narrate Conferences website for information on upcoming events, including Sirens.

Artists and Authors Night

Saturday, August 9, 2008
7:00 p.m. – midnight
Hilton Chicago Hotel

Sponsor: The Harry Potter Fandom

Artists and Authors Night, Terminus’s Saturday night event, will celebrate the creativity and camaraderie of the online fan community surrounding the Harry Potter series. The evening will showcase some of the tens of thousands of individuals who have shaped an unprecedented online phenomenon. For those who participate in the online fan base, Artists and Authors Night presents the chance to showcase what you do, what you create, how you celebrate Harry Potter; for those new to the phenomenon, Artists and Authors Night will welcome you to test the water, even if you’ve never read a piece of fanfiction, heard a podcast or tried your hand at sketching Harry. The event will feature exclusively fan creations: popular and unknown, new and established, vocal celebrations and more intimate explorations of craft, context and community.

Because Artists and Authors Night celebrates the fans, Terminus invited members of the fan community – fanfiction writers, fanartists, costumers, fan clubs, editors, filmmakers, podcasters, and others – to submit their work for inclusion in the event. While Terminus may design the programs and allot space and time for interaction, we reserved this evening exclusively for the talents and craft of our attendees. We’re thrilled to say that many fans answered our invitation, and our evening will feature fanfiction readings, fanart showings, podcasts, fan club tables, creative booths and more.

We also want to especially thank those members of the fan community who donated to our Fandom Sponsors Fandom…and More program. The Harry Potter Fandom raised $2,000 in celebration of each other and in support of the fanfiction authors, the fanartists, the costumers, the podcasters, the booth staffers and everyone else who will make Artists and Authors Night an unforgettable experience. Six of those groups – FictionAlley, the FictionAlley eMentors, Fornjot's Apprentice School of Wizardry in Clowning, HPANA, the On-line Wizarding Library, and the Swiss Shippers – raised over $250 each, and in return, Terminus will feature them in two ways: first, with a mention in our Fandom Trail game, which will be a large-scale, interactive game for attendees to travel the fan community; second, with a table at the event so that our attendees can stop by and learn about the groups that helped make the event possible.

The following programming will be open to all attendees during Artists and Authors Night.

Podcasts: Three podcasts, representing a small portion of the diverse, fantastically creative Harry Potter podcasting community, will join us for live presentations. The Leaky Cauldron’s PotterCast, a renowned canon-and-news discussion podcast, will start the evening at 7:00 p.m. Next up, at 9:00 p.m., Spinner's Cast will highlight some of the best of what they do, including a focus on wizard rock. Finally, at 10:30 p.m., FictionAlley’s SpellCast, now featuring fanfiction exclusively, will present a podcast play.

Booths: Artists, authors, art critiquers, and editors will staff a series of booths, for an hour at a time, and offer their services to attendees. Get a very short piece of fiction written to your request at the drabble booth, or have a bit of line art added to your name badge at the sketch booth. At the beta booth, have an editor become your second set of eyes for previously written fiction. Don't forget to stop by the art critique booth, too, for feedback on your fanart.

Fanfiction Readings: Authors selected for participation may read from a single work, or a number of works, and discuss the creative process with the audience.

Fanart Portfolios: Artists selected for participation will show off their creations, from sets of digital art to a series of scarves. Two- and three-dimensional art will be featured.

If you have any questions regarding Artists and Authors Night, please e-mail us at


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