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Terminus took place August 7-11, 2008. If you missed Terminus, please visit the Narrate Conferences website for information on upcoming events, including Sirens.
A path to friendship, discovery and danger. A crossroads of magic and adventure. An unforgettable journey. Terminus.

Five days of magic and discovery await you at Terminus, a Harry Potter conference. Whether you are scholar, student, teacher or fan, the magnificent Hilton Chicago Hotel will welcome you to J. K. Rowling’s world on August 7-11, 2008. Your itinerary will include academic presentations and lectures, educational workshops, a Quidditch tournament, a bon voyage ball, and certainly, lively discussion about Harry Potter.

The navigation bar to the left will guide you through our conference. For a quick overview, please click the ticket above; we'll take you on a tour. As you traverse our website, please keep in mind that our conference is designed for adults. Our age restrictions are detailed in our registration section, but please be aware that you must be at least 18 years of age to attend any portion of Terminus, or 14 years old with an appropriate chaperone, and you must bring a government-issued photo ID to check in.

Whether you live down the street or on the other side of the globe, we invite you to book your ticket to explore an unforgettable series. Gather at this crossroads of travel and adventure with hundreds of enthusiasts from around the world to debate and reminisce – and experience Harry’s journey all over again. Travel by plane, train, boat, automobile, or even strong prairie wind, but join us in downtown Chicago to celebrate how Harry changed the world.


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